Perry Township Fire Department

Ice Rescue at USI Lake

When the temperatures dropped into the single digits in January 2024, it gave us the perfect chance to train on ice rescue.  With the temperature of 7 degrees and a windchill of -5, it was the perfect day for a swim in USI’s Lake.  With Marrs Township joining in, it was a fun and VERY […]

UE’s Martin Luther King Community Service Day

With our volunteers making almost 1300 runs in 2023, some things around the stations needed some love.  We reached out to the University of Evansville to see if they have a couple volunteers that could maybe help us,  but they responding by adding us to their Martin Luther King Community Service Day and sent out […]

2023 Annual Awards Dinner

The annual Christmas Awards Dinner was December 3, 2023 and hosted by the Eagle’s View Church.  Orthopedic Associates was kind enough to buy the dinner for the department while the church’s volunteers took care of serving and many other tasks to make it a relaxing and fun night for our personnel.  After dinner, members received […]