Perry Township Fire Department

What are the requirements to be a volunteer firefighter?

You must be 18 years of age and willing to dedicate the time and effort to being an active member of the organization.

What classes or training are required to be a firefighter?

The new member will go through Indiana Mandatory Firefighter & or Firefighter 1/2 Training. The training may be done in house, although the new member may be required to travel to a neighboring local fire department for training if they are sponsoring the class. All class fees are covered by Perry FD.

How much time is required to be a volunteer?

Every Monday evening is either a meeting or training for the fire department. The evening starts at 6:30PM and is normally completed by 9:00PM, although people often hang around the station afterwards. Daytime training is available, generally on the last Monday of the month, for those that work second shift, or are otherwise unable to make the Monday evening training events. The number of runs varies from week to week, and the organization would like to see each member making at least 15% of the runs every week.

How long before I can make emergency runs?

Upon completion of the Mandatory or Firefighter 1/2 course the new firefighter is certified to respond to all runs. Unfortunately, we rarely run our  own certification classes, instead depending on neighboring departments to host them, so we have no control over when we can get you into a class.  You’re application may be placed in a holding pattern while we wait for an available class.

How much will it cost me to be a volunteer?

Other than your time, there is no cost to the new member. The department will purchase and maintain all of the safety equipment needed for the new member. Uniform apparel will also be provided by the department, although many members elect to spend their own money on additional equipment and uniforms.

Am I required to make every run?

No…The fire department understands no one can make every run and recognizes that family comes first. We ask all members make all efforts to respond to 15% of all runs.

Do I have to be a firefighter to be a volunteer or are their other positions available for me?

Although our primary interest is for members to respond as firefighters / EMS responders, we do have positions available for people who are not physically able to, or have no desire to respond to emergencies. Please feel free to ask, or let us know if you think you can help!

What if I get hurt?

The fire department carries workman’s compensation insurance on all members of the department.

What do I get out of being a volunteer?

In addition to the satisfaction of helping others in your community you will learn many new skills that are invaluable. You will also meet and socialize with others and become a member of a much larger family.

What is the application process?

The application process is very similar to getting hired into a paying job.

  •  The applicant fills out an application that is available on our website.
  • A criminal background check is performed by the fire department on the applicant.
  • An interview is conducted by the membership committee with the applicant.
  • The applicant and information is presented to the fire department board of directors, along with the membership committee’s recommendation.
  • The applicant is brought onto the fire department as a probationary member and scheduled for a physical exam.
  • The applicant is fitted for turnout gear and placed into a mandatory or FF 1 / 2 class.
  • After completing the class and obtaining state certification, they are released to make runs.
  • Members are up for review of the probationary status after 6 months of making runs on the fire department.