Perry Township Fire Department

Former Squad 7 -1987 Ford F-350/Warner Light Rescue
With the arrival of the new Rescue 7, this rig was sold to White Count, IL EMS as a rescue vehicle.

Former Engine 5 – 1978 Ford C/Pierce Rescue – 400gpm/500gal/20gal Foam
This well-worn truck was replaced by the 2007 Mack MR/Ferrara above. It previously carried Amkus System with cutters, spreader and a medium Ram along with electric and battery Saws-all, vent saw and a chain saw.

Engine 3 – 1975 Ford C/Pierce Pumper – 1000gpm/750gal
This rig formerly served as Engine 1 and now serves as the third-out pumper and primary reserve engine.

Former Rescue 6 – 1992 Ford E-350/Osage Type II Ambulance
This apparatus was purchased from AMR in 2000 and was replaced by Rescue 6 in 2006.