Station 3 – Old Henderson Rd & King Rd
Station 3 has quite a unique story. While there has been a fire engine “stationed” in this area of Union Township since 1993, this firehouse was built in 2010. down there since 1993. The current Engine 3 was assigned to this district in 2001 after it’s assignment as Engine 1. Prior to the station being built, the engine was keep in a member’s barn as there are only 2 FF’s that live in Union Twp. Union Township it’s literally about 98% Ohio River floodplain. The Township includes 27 square miles and with a permanent population of approximately 400. Their structures include farms, river camps and cabins. The Township typically floods 2-3 times a year with some areas under as much as 15ft of water in spots. This can last for weeks at a time. Station 3 is home to Engine 3 and Boat 7.

Engine 3 – 1975 Ford C/1976 Pierce Pumper (#8287-C) – 1000gpm/750gal
This engine carries a set of Amkus extrication tools in case of a vehicle accident in their district.
Water 2 – 2000 Scorpion Rescue Boat
This sharp water craft was purchased from the Ohio River Valley Search & Rescue in 2005. It provides quick response and a stable platform for top water/river rescues as well as search and recovery efforts.

Engine 3 (xE4) – 1987 Spartan/FMC Pumper (#6193) – 1500gpm/1000gal
This apparatus served as E4 prior to 2012. It is set to replace the older yellow Ford/Pierce as Engine 3 in late 2012.