Station 2 – Hogue Road and Williams Road
Station 2 is home to Ladder 1, Engines 4 & 5, Rescues 6 and 8 and Brush 6. This firehouse was completed in 1970 with the far right bay added for the aerial in 1997. A new station 1 is in the planning stages with land already purchased.
Ladder 1 – 1996 E-One Cyclone II 100′ Rear-mount Ladder – 1500gpm/300gal
This former E-One demo unit was purchased by the department in December 1997 and serves as the department’s Aerial.
The truck has been dedicated to John Barr, former Fire Chief and lifetime member.
Engine 4 – 2011 HME/2012 Ferrara Pumper (H-4989) – 1500gpm/1000gal
Like its predecessor, Engine 4 was specifically designed with a short wheel base.
This truck has been dedicated to Robert Doerr, former Fire Chief and lifetime member.
Rescue 5 (7E5) – “Oscar” – 2007 Mack MRU612/Ferrara Rescue Pumper – 1250gpm/500gal/30gal foam
This unique rig was designed to maximize equipment and efficiency. The two-man cab was chosen for this unique rig to maximize the rigs equipment and capabilities while fitting into their short station. 7 Rescue 5’s equipment includes a Harrison 15kW PTO generator and Command Light. Note the three, separate and angled light bars on the roof.
This truck has been dedicated to Harlon Ziliak, former firefighter and lifetime member who passed away in 2010.
Brush 6 – 1977 Ford F-250/FD 90gpm/200gal
Rescue 6 – 2006 Ford F-350/Omaha
Rescue 8 – 2004 Dodge Durango 4×4
This truck is used as a medical quick-response and Chief’s vehicle. It is also used to pull Water 2 as shown below.
Rescue 8 is setup to pull Water 2 to various water rescue scenes.
Perry Township Fire Department – Station 2 Apparatus Fleet 2007