Perry Township Fire Department Station 1 – Johnson LaneĀ and Broadway
This station was built in 1960 and added onto twice since. Station 1 is actually located within the city limits of Evansville but responds to the unincorporated areas of Perry Township. Station 1 is home to Engines 1 & 2, Rescue 7 and Brush 3.
Engine 1 (7E1) – 2001 Ferrara Inferno Custom Pumper – 1500gpm/1000gal/10gal Foam
Engine 1 is the first due for fire runs
This truck has been dedicated to Paul Kuester, former Asst Fire Chief and lifetime member who passed away in 2005.
Engine 2 (7E2) – 1981 Duplex/Oshkosh/Pierce Pumper/Tanker (#E-1276) – 1250gpm/2000gal
Engine 2’s equipment includes an 1800 Gallon Portable Tank, 400 GPM Portable Pump, Float-A-Pump, and 1100′ of 5″ supply hose.

Engine 2 (7E2) – 1981 Duplex/Oshkosh/Pierce Pumper/Tanker – 1250gpm/2000gal
This apparatus is shown prior to it local refurb and repaint in 2010.


Rescue 7 – 2005 Chevy C5500/EVI walk-in Medium Rescue
R-7 carries a wide range of rescue equipment including a 5000watt generator, a 4-Bottle Cascade system, an Amkus Combination Rescue Tool, short and long Hydro Rams, a Defibrillator, Water Rescue Equipment, and GPS.

Brush 3 (7B3) – 1989 Toyota/FD 4×4 – 100gpm/225gal
Command 70 – 2009 Chevy Suburban
This rig serves as the Chief’s take-home and Command vehicle.